Botox – Medical Focus

Medical Botox is available at Cayman Clinic, and can be a vital tool in helping patients to deal with ailments such as migraines, dystonia, or hyperhidrosis. It has long been used by adults struggling with chronic migraines – 15 or more headaches in a month, lasting for four hours or more – and is a successful at preventing the onset of migraines, giving patients a sense of control and freedom, and ongoing relief at knowing they are relieving their chronic pain. It can also reduce your headache frequency and duration, and enable patients to decrease the oral medications they may be taking.

Migraines are different from normal headaches, and can typically go hand-in-hand with vomiting, nausea, seeing spots, extreme fatigue, sensitivity to light and sound, and intense pain.

Medical Botox for migraines is injected into the muscles in the forehead and neck. It blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles, and stops the injected muscle from contracting.

Botox requires no specialized certification. However, your provider should be a licensed medical doctor and have experience in providing treatments to minimize risks of complications. At Cayman Clinic, Dr Melissa Mascaro has experience in Medical Botox, for the treatment of chronic migraines, dystonia, and other conditions. She was trained by Botox-provider Allergan.

Dr Mascaro does not require referrals for Medical Botox but will happily accept them. Medical Botox does require prior authorization for those patients who wish to use their insurance. Medical Botox has helped countless patients to manage their chronic pain and increase their quality of life, and could help you to feel better if you suffer from debilitating migraines.