Family Medicine

Family Medicine, or General Practice as it is known in other parts of the world, provides the highest level of care while building ongoing, trusting relationships with patients and their families. It is a specialized field of health in which, ideally, the doctor sees the patient throughout the course of their life, focusing on all parts of the body and people from all walks of life.

Family physicians providing comprehensive health care that encompasses the biological, clinical and behavioural sciences. Once a patient becomes comfortable with a family physician, that relationship can continue for many years, enabling the doctor to work with the patient on ailments and illnesses that encompass every disease entity and each organ system.

Here at Cayman Clinic, we are focused on ensuring every patient enjoys and benefits from the best health at all stages of their lives. From childhood, through the teen years, into motherhood, menopause, and the decades beyond.

Women’s bodies are complex and how they behave changes through the different stages and sometimes these changes are too subtle to notice but enough to disrupt their health. We understand the difficulties these changes can cause, and urge women to come along for a conversation and review. We aim to make the transition through the different stages of a woman’s life as easy and manageable as possible.

However, our focus is not just on woman, but also on helping men navigate the health landscape throughout the years. Many men can feel uncomfortable discussing their health issues so building a strong, trusting relationship with a family physician can be integral to ensuring they take a proactive approach to their health and receive the best care at the right time.