What our clients are saying

I have been a patient for 11 years, I have seen all the doctors at some stage, all are amazing, kind and responsive. Dr Hobday is my GP, she makes you feel like yours are the only and most important problems in the world, she has patience and empathy like no other. She is honest, kind and has excellent listening skills. She is happy to consider ‘alternate’ options and yet will find the exact prescription drug you need. The follow ups are great, the nurses are kind and there is literally nowhere else I would go. I trust all the doctors there, completely.

I am always recommending my friends and family and would happily and willingly recommend them to anyone who needs a listening ear, a doctor with kindness, initiative and genuine care for their patients
Prathna Bhojani

I have two young men in competitive sports and have seen Doctor Mascaro for many different injuries. She always treated them with professionalism, knowledge and the most up to date procedures.

In one of the visits my son was with diagnosed of a bone tumor in his hand (by a hand specialist). With her deep knowledge of his sport she was able to diagnose he “only” had bone bruise due to the constant impact and surgery wasn’t necessary. He is fully recovered from that injury without any extreme procedures.
Daniele Magalhaes

Cayman Clinic is an extremely professional and friendly clinic. The doctors are all kind and caring. Nothing is too much for them to put their patients at ease, offer them alternative options and be a guiding hand when faced with distressing or complicated health issues. The nurses are always polite, friendly and caring too. You are welcomed in to the clinic and always given the time that you need. I cannot recommend their services enough, you will find none better on island.
Sharon Davies

When I walk through the door of the Cayman Clinic, I know I am not “just a patient” or a challenging problem to solve. I am someone my doctor deeply cares about, and I know she will do everything in her power to diagnose and heal me.

If you’re looking for a doctor who continues to think about you and help you long after you’ve paid your bill and walked out the door (a rarity!), look no further than Cayman Clinic.
Kelly Reineking

Been going to this clinic for years they treat you like family, very caring and makes you feel comfortable also insure you understand what you need to know before leaving the clinic.
Regina Gooding, via Facebook

Dr. Osterloh is very compassionate and caring. She goes above and beyond to help her patients. Highly recommend!
Kristin Olson Koopman, via Facebook

Super accommodating. I’m fairly new to the island and they’ve been extremely helpful thus far.
Farida Rita Cooper, via Facebook

We usually see Dr Robertson and she is amazing. So knowledgeable and thorough. Highly recommend her.
Margie Nissen, via Facebook

Great team of doctors who make themselves available whenever their services are needed. I’ve found on more than one occasion that they’re only a phone call or message away. I especially appreciate the loving care they’ve been giving to my granddaughter for most of her life – the one medical facility where she is completely comfortable and where she has no hesitation to ask to go to when she’s ill or hurt.
Laura A. Ebanks, via Facebook

I’ve been a patient at Cayman Clinic since the early 2000’s. During that time I’ve seen a few doctors and each and every one has been professional, caring and kind. It’s a small community and I appreciate feeling a sense of confidence & privacy as well.
Sarah Cline, Australian living in George Town, Grand Cayman

I highly recommend Cayman Clinic. All of the doctors are amazing so if you need an urgent appointment whoever you see can help. The nurses are so efficient and friendly. I now take my children there too! Cayman Clinic is perfect for all the family!
Clare O’Keefe Thorpe

I have been a patient of Dr. Ginny Hobday for nineteen years since she took over Cayman Clinic from Dr.Hetley. That is a very long time and I have only ever found complete support for my medical needs. From the moment one walks into the clinic personal warmth is evident everywhere from the whole team.

Whatever the need she provides professional, empathetic, and compassionate care with a smile. One never feels rushed and she gives much attention to all of the problems I have experienced.

As a person who is used to living an active and enthusiastic lifestyle, I am indebted to her beyond words.
Graham Walker

Hi, Im Pat Kenney and I lost 125lbs on the IP program. I was introduced to IP and my wonderful coach, Fiona Hobday, by a friend. I called and made an appointment with my coach and began my program in January. I was aware that the journey to success would require will power, and so I began.

I met weekly with my coach, without whom I don’t think I could have reached my goal. She was supportive and helpful through my entire trip. I gave up a number of favorite foods and drinks, but I was able to see the results week by week. My journey lasted ten months and in October of the same year I had reached my goal.

I had lost 125lbs, and had gone from a size 48″ shorts/trousers to a size 34″. I abandoned my 3X shirts for mediums! I was a new person and I felt wonderful.

My only regret is that I did not begin the program with Fiona sooner!
Patrick K.